The upcoming Mahane will take place (classified place in the southern France) From the 4th July of 2016 until the 24th of  July 2016. All haverim between the ages of 9-15 will be able to partake in this wonderful trip. 

We'll post pictures,videos and information throughout the duration of the mahane on this page of the website. So don't forget to check out our website daily! For more information about the mahane, please contact us via email or via phone.

The video below was proudly made by the madrihim, it was made to make people excited for their wonderful vacation at the mahane this summer.


Day One: The Arrival (05/07)

Today the kids happily entered the mahane at 09:00 AM after a long ride in the bus. Once everyone was inside the camp, the haverim rushed to their tents to relax, sleep and settle in for a few hours. After a while, everyone in the mahane got hungry and proceeded to walk to the eating room where they would eat a tasty meal that would give them the energy to keep functioning throughout the day and would allow them to participate in all of the fun activities that would be made available to them later on in the day. Seeing as the majority of the haverim where tired of the exhausting ride, we decided to not plan any major activity that would take the entire day. We instead introduced the basics and the rules of the mahane to each kvoutsa individually.

For the remainder of the afternoon and the evening, we held a football competition while others could participate in other extracellular activities such as volleyball, basketball, rugby, ping pong, sunbathing and many more. After a lazy first day, we all ate our dinner and headed to the room where our “avant soiré” would be held. Once there, every madrich with a role and is important for the haverim (ex. Medic) would be announced. After that, the kids were informed about what happened around the world (News) and about some local “plotkes” which is very fun for the kids. To finish off the day, we organized and held a mifkad pticha (Opening ceremony on first day of mahane) which was followed by a good night sleep.



Hazak ve'ematz