Hanoar Hatzioni can not only be found in Belgium, but in a variety of countries across the globe. Although we speak different languages, we tend to understand each other when sharing traditions, new ideas and other topics of conversation. Over the years, the HH team meet each other  in different locations. One of the most important meetings is called SBM. The SBM is the annual international seminar which is hosted in a different location each year.

Hanoar Hatzioni is currently located in 16 countries across four different continents. We are very proud of our close ties with all of these different Hanoar Hatzioni groups.                                                                                                  

You will be able to find the locations where Hanoar Hatzioni is active on the map below:

Some of the these have a website for Hanoar Hatzioni in their countries. Some of them are listed below:





-Cuba (inactive):                          



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