• 3 Idéals :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Scouting (Scoutisme)= Harmony with nature, using nature as an educational and teaching tool. Being independent and doing things yourself to get out of  the normal society                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Haloutsisme= A step into the unknown, think ahead and innovate. Take initiatives and not thinking that someone else will do it.                                                 -Zionism (Sionisme)= The recognition of the state of Israël. Help Israël and love the country. Wanting it to persist.
  • HOULTSA : It shows equality between the haverim. Ex: No comrades dressed in Gucci and underwear.
  • FOULARD : Represents the "shifra"(classification)                                                                                                                                                                                             Kfirim(ages 8-10): Blue and White -> Heaven 
    Bnei midbar(11-12) (son of the desert): Beige -> Desert sinai
    Glilim: Green(13-14) -> Nature, scoutism and forest / trees.
    Hashmo(15-16): Blue -> Coastal

  • Odlo Ahalnu: Respect everyone to wait before eating. We do spend some time together singing before eating.

  • Kadima Hanoar: song of the movement sung during the mifkad, performed  since the creation of the Hanoar Hatzioni.

  • Hazak Ve'Ematz(Strength and courage): Scout sign. It shows the strongest supporting the weakest.

  • Rikoudeam(dances of the people): Israeli Dances performed Every Saturday in the Ken. It's a famous dance that was often performed in Jewish Communities.

  • Lag : Sports competition organized each year in Belgium between "movements of brith" to show solidarity.

  • Messiba:  A Show organized each  year of each movement. Shows solidarity between brith and increases the contact with parents.


  • All current kvoutsot/groups ( by year of birth) : -Tsanhanim (2008+2009)    -Degania (2007)     -Melahim (2006)    -Nitsanim (2005)  -Rishonim (2004)                   -Rishonim (2004)       -Yesharim (2003)     -Amitsim (2002)     -Nivharim (2001)   -Magshimim (2000)

Chazak Ve'ematz

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