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The Hanoar Hatzioni youth movement offers a second "home" for Jewish kids and teenagers. Children from 7-18 will be able to enjoy themselves in a variety of fun activities and  learning peoulots. We  are a Jewish movement that follows these 3 ideals: Scoutism, Zionism and Haloutsisme(more information in Traditions). Almost all the activities take place in the "ken" on almost every Saturday afternoon. There are 2 "kens" in Belgium, one in Antwerp and the other in Brussels.    Every child will learn about Jewish traditions, holidays, Zionism and Israel. 
Every year, we organize a winter and a summer camp. In these camps, the children will have a great experience with their friends and comrades instead of staying inside and being glued to their technology. They will learn how to connect with nature, they will learn about various subjects and overall, they will have  a lot of fun.  On the bottom of this page, you'll find a video of the summer camps, our trip to israel and the haverim(children).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Dear friends, 

The entire family of Hanoar Hatzioni is realising a dream; every day, in every peoula, in every conversation and dialogue that takes place between members.

The educational ideological journey has been being realised for eighty years, on the basis of a clear world view and a defined educational outlook.

A fascinating educational challenge illuminates the path: to guide our chanichim according to the tradition, the narrative found in action, in thought and in deed, in dialogue and questioning as demonstrated by settlement, in action, in rebellion, in activities, in conversations and in educational creativity based upon the idealism of youth.

Our commitment to the way; their way; this is the path of moral obligation to keeping the flame alive for the sake of strengthening Jewish identity  and a return to national Zionist action in a Jewish and democratic State of Israel.

Chazak Ve'Ematz - Be Strong & Have Courage (The Movement Moto). 

The Belgian Hanoar Hatzioni is also active on social media, you'll find links to the profiles below. We are currently busy expanding our activity on diverse social media. Unfortunately, we must limit our te activity on the internet due to security reasons.


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